SRS of Wisconsin

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The executive committee is responsible for day to day operations of Gurduara Sahib. The following group of sewadars have been appointed by Saadh Sangat and the Board of Trustees on Jan 1st 2019.
Name Phone Email
President: S. Gurcharan Singh Grewal 414.559.3434
Vice President: S. Jagdisher Singh Kler 414.460.7118
Public Relations & Treasurer: Bibi Inderjit Kaur Ahuja 262.720.5138
Treasurer & Secretary: S. Harvinder Singh Sidhu (Lalli) 414.788.9813
Building Incharge: S. Lakhbir Singh Sehra 262.613.5173
Langar Incharge: Bibi Harpreet Kaur Chahal 414.379.0996
Secretary: S. Kanwal Singh Tung (Vicki) 414.737.0570
Head Granthi and Katha Wachak : Bhai Najar Singh
Granthi Sahib: Bhai Gurmukh Singh
Hajoori Jatha: Bhai Gurmukh Singh, Bhai Gurcharan Singh and Bhai Harcharan Singh