SRS of Wisconsin

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Public Outreach Committee

Diversity Group Milwaukee Kick-off

On March 26th 2013, we hosted social workers first ever Diversity Launch in the conference hall of our Gurdwara sahib. About 60 members of NESW participated in it. First of all they sat in Guru Granth Sahib’s presence and listed to the melodious Kirtan by our Hazoori Jatha which was simultaneously displayed in English for them. Members of our Outreach Committee presented Power-point presentation about Sikhism and answered to their questions. Their members presented the philosophy of social work and the direction their members should take from now on so that no one should hate others because they are different due to color, religion, what they wear, eat or speak. We should not merely tolerate each other rather we should accept/embrace each other. They were amazed how teachings of Sikhism are already very much in line with their philosophy. It lasted about two hours from 6 to 8:00 PM. Finally Langar was served which they appreciated a lot.